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Object-oriented language in Scratch

I created a simplistic object-oriented language in Scratch :)

Quick mental barf of everything you need to know:
- Everything's an object
- You can call methods on objects like so
3 + 4.
obj methodName.
obj method: x WithTwoArgs: y.
- Number/string literals:
- Nestable square bracket strings:
[this: [test] IsSomeCode: 3.14]
- Parentheses:
3 + (4 * 7)
- (there's no order of operations :) )
- Mostly case-insensitive, but capital letters distinguish between:
obj method: x anotherMethod: y.
which parses as:
(obj method: x) anotherMethod: y.
obj method: x WithTwoArgs: y.
which is a single call to the "method:WithTwoArgs:" method.
- Variable scopes are also objects

Still needs a lotta work like garbage collection and probably rewrite the type tracking system, but it's something. Once that's out of the way I can smooth out some of the details, determine the way to store newlines, implement graphical primitives, and we can have a Smalltalk-like in Scratch

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Object-oriented language in Scratch


How did you make this?!

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1000+ posts

Object-oriented language in Scratch

This is very neat

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