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Blocks We NEED!

We need

pointing towards[sprite1 v]?::sensing boolean


[my variable v], go to x:(0) y:(0)::variables


stop script no.[1 v]::control


I receive [message1 v]?::sensing boolean


set [blur v] effect to (50)

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Blocks We NEED!

Please create a separate topic for each suggestion you have, rather than creating a list of suggestions. That way, the conversation stays focused and each idea can get the attention it needs.

Before making a new topic, please check out the following:

In particular, a “broadcast received” boolean is rejected (see #1.1 on “The Complete List of Rejected Suggestions” linked above), and some of your suggestions are duplicates. To keep the conversation focused in one place, feel free to continue the discussion in these links:

If you still cannot find an existing thread for one of your suggestions, feel free to make a new topic suggesting that one block only.

Thank you!

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