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What goes here

What types of topics go here? Here you will find out.

What goes here:
Stuff related to physical extensions such as Picoboards and Lego WeDos. You can find a list of hardware and software here.
What doesn't go here:
Stuff not related to physical extensions. Please keep this forum on topic.

Hope this helps!

Please only post here if you want to say something about this topic. If you want to say something about physical extension, please make a new topic. Thanks!

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Note that most of my posts on the forums are from years ago, probably mainly in 2016.

(Unsolved!) How can you see all the shared projects of a deleted account? And some important context. And something else about it.
Please help me answer that question. (From May 2023)

(I know I may seem desperate, the person who owned the account whose projects I am trying to find had been doing some stuff that might need to get taken down)

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