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Scratch: The Guide °Updated° Everything you need to know!

Hey Everyone! Welcome to Scratch (or maybe Welcome back!). I'm Makethebrainhappy, and I decided to make a Ranks and Pop. Guide to help anyone who has anyone confusion. Pop. stands for Popularity. I will start with the ranks and describing them in Detail. Then I will continue in a Q&A Fashion (a Little about ranks, a lot about popularity). So lets start!


New Scratchers
• They have the 120 second rule; this means they have to wait 120 seconds (2 minutes) between Posts on the Forum.

• They have to wait 30 seconds between comment on peoples profiles, Projects, and Studios.

• They are the only rank that cannot use Cloud Data. Cloud Data is where you can store Data on the ‘Cloud’ or Server. This can be very helpful when you are making Surveys, and highscores, and can even be used to make and Play multiplayer games. I have even seen Cloud List Engines made.

• They cannot post the same comment three times in a row. (spam)

• They can only edit posts after the initial page load. (Change)

• They can't post links to sites not affiliated to scratch. In My Sig. is my site Letsmakethebrainhappy.net. I couldn't post that link if I were rank New Scratcher, but I would be able to post a link to my Profile on Scratch.

The New Scratcher Rank is given to People who have just joined the Website.

The Welcoming Committee can help New Scratchers when they first join the Website! Scratchers, Scratch Helpers, and even Scratch Mentors will welcome you when you join. A random link to a welcoming Project is also there until you upload your first Project. Click here to go to the Welcoming Committee


• They have the 60 second rule; this means they have to wait 60 seconds (1 minute) between posts. This annoys many Scratchers who Forget whats it like to be a New Scratcher with the 120 second rule

• They cannot post the same comment three times in a row. (spam)

• They can freely edit their own posts. If I post something, and then I want to edit it because I misstyped I can do so.

• They can close their own topics IF it has been up for more than 24 hours. If I create a Forum thread I can Close it in 24 hours… ex. I could Close this thread in 24 hours.

• They can use Cloud Data. Multiplayer games! Party. Scratchers can now also Play games with Cloud. New Scratchers sadly cannot Play games with cloud.

Scratchers are usually People who are experienced with handling the site and the Forums.

Please note the word Scratcher can be used to define a number of things, but I am using it to define the rank Scratcher.

Forum Ranks
Some ranks have perks in the way they post in the Forums. New Scratchers have there rank say “New Scratcher” whenever they post. Scratchers have there rank “Scratcher” under there Name when they post. The Scratch Team have an * next to their Name when they post. Thats really about it except for that Scratch is thinking of adding a rank for Scratch Mentors. Some Scratchers Display there ranks in their sig. (like me). Also the number of Posts is displayed, this can be a good indicator of the Scratchers activity and dedication.
Any of These numbers can be displayed

New Scratchers are mostly under the 0-100 range. Scratchers can be found on any Level.

Community Moderators
They have a few Special powers with which they moderate the community. This program is more historical and is being replaced by Scratch Helpers and Scratch Mentors. Forum Moderators were elected and there were many retired Forum Moderators gained the title retired Forum Moderators. Read More Here

Scratch Helper Groups (Scratch Helpers)
The Scratch Helper Groups are the scripts Team and the Welcoming Committee (thats where I am). Scratch Helpers are members of These Groups. Scratch Helpers are helpful Scratchers who can help you with your questions. Scratch Helpers don't have a specific title so they may be hard to identify. Some Scratch Helpers tell you in their sig. that they are Scratch Helpers (like me). Here is some info about each Scratch Helper Group:

Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming Committee is one of the Scratch Helper Groups. To join the Welcoming Committee you must make a Project for the Welcoming Studio.
Click here to go to the Welcoming Committee
The purpose of the Welcoming Committee is to Welcome New Scratchers to the site and answer any questions thay may have. A New Scratcher cannot submit a Project to the Welcoming Committee until he has recieved rank Scratcher. When a user Registers they will see a tab which says “Connect with others” this brings them to the welcoming committee.
The Welcoming Committee has its perks such as a Forum thread in the Scratch Helpers section and a Studio which is featured when a user Registers and in the “My Stuff” section until the user Uploads his first Project. Many Scratch Helpers from the Welcoming Committee regulary welcome new scratchers.
The Studio is run by the Scratch Team and 6 Scratchers. Exactly the Scratchers are,
P110, LiFaythegoblin, EH7meow, dolphingirl36, CrazyNimbus, and ZaharaMar.
Congrats ZaharaMar! (she just got curator Status)
The Scratch Team Members who help out are scmb1*, cheddargirl*, ricarose*, and gobo. Don't know whz Gobo doesn't have an *….

Scripts Team

The Scripts Team helps People with their Projects (Fixing glitches, etc.). You must be a Scratcher to join and you must be willing to help out People with their Projects.
From the Wiki,

“You must be a Scratcher to join, and you enjoy helping people with their projects.
2. Create a project that explains something in Scratch or a collection of scripts or a sprite that someone else can reuse. Make sure the project is helpful, friendly, and easy to understand by people who are fairly new with Scratch.
3. Paste a link to your project in the Scripts Team Studio comments. A Scratch Mentor managing the studio will review your project and may give you further feedback on your project. Once the Mentor adds your project into the studio, the Mentor will also add you as a curator to the Scripts Workshop, a studio where Scratchers submit their projects for help. ”

This is really the best Explanation I feel.
People can request help at the Scripts Team Workshop: http://scratch.mit.edu/studios/349206/

Here are the Managers of the Scripts Team:
ricarose*, speakvisually*, Paddle2See*, scmb1*, P110, LiFaytheGoblin, ErnieParke, Champ99*, dolphingirl36, EH7meow
There are alot of curators, check them all out at the Scripts Team Studio!

The Scratch Helper Groups were created so that Scratchers could have a bigger role in the community!

Scratch Mentors

The Scratch Mentors program is the program to replace the community moderators Program. Scratch Mentors are invited by the Scratch Team and have their own private forum. (Unlike the Scratch Helper Forum which is public). Its been suggested that they also get a forum rank. The Scratch Mentors have an elevated status in the community and lead the Scratch Helper Groups, or the Scratch Helpers which are organized. They have collaborated with the Scratch Team on multiple occasions.

“ Mentors do quite a bit, to be truthful. Primarily at the moment, we give the ST feedback on issues they've been working on. For example, we're currently talking about what Scratch Mentors/Helpers should be. We're also given the dual-responsibility of helping Scratchers, and we work on site-wide projects (SDS's, for example). ”
– ErnieParke, October 12, 2013 (taken off the Wiki)

Scratch Mentors also have manager status in the Studio. As of right now 5 Mentors exist:
LiFayTheGoblin, ErnieParke, P110, dolphingirl36, EH7meow

Scratch Team

The Scratch Team moderates, develops, and upgrades/updates the Scratch Website/Code. there are many members of this team. Some Former Members retired and moved on to other projects. The Scratch Team Members can be identified with the * that's after their name.
Read More Here!

Who are the SDS Curators?
The SDS (Scratch Design Studio) team are a set of people chosen by the Scratch Team to run the studios of the SDS. The point is to bring together massive amounts of Projects created by users. It requires hard work and dedication to become a member of the SDS Design Team. The SDS Design Team has there own Front Page Bar where projects (newly inserted) into the studio will show up.

Signatures & Logos

Whats a logo?
A logo is a small thumbnail which represents you in some fashion. People will see your logo when they look at your profile and it will be above your name on every forum post you do. The default logo is the blue and white Scratch Cat.
To get a custom logo follow these steps.
>>>First Go to your Profile (press your name on top blue bar in right hand corner. A list will appear, press Profile (the first tab)
>>>Hover your mouse over the Scratch Cat icon
>>>A small black Change Logo icon will appear, press it
>>>This will bring you to your files where you can select an image to use as your logo

Whats a signature?
A Signature is a piece of art and/or text 750 X 150 Pixels wide which is found under every forum post which you make. If you change your signature, it will automatically change it on every previous post you have made. Signatures can be used for anything ranging from advertising to presenting famous quotes xD.
To get a signature follow these steps
>>>Press Tab Discuss which is located on the top blue bar, this will bring you to the forums
>>>Scroll down to the bottom
>>>On a small white tab right above the many links to all areas of Scratch (legal and Community-wise) on the left under posts and topics is a tab called “Change My Signature”. Press this and it will bring you to a place where you can edit your signatures. It will also tell you how it looks when you Save your design.

Can New Scratchers have signatures?
Every Rank except for New Scratcher is eligible for a signature. But I have definitely seen New Scratchers wearing signatures. I'm not exactly sure how to answer your question except to try the steps above. A great tip for New Scratchers who can't get signatures but want one is to copy & paste your signature under every Forum post. Just have it on a saved word doc which you open when posting on the forums. It just takes ten seconds longer and for the people who really need it its helpful .

Animated Logos and Signatures
These Require more steps and are more complicated to make. They open up a whole new variety of quality and advertising though. If you want one Click Here.

How to bring your Logo to the next Level wrote:

Why would I make something like this? An Animated Logo/Sig. Tutorial. Tons exist, but most aren't very effective, and lots of people are uncomfortable with these tutorials. Most redirect you to all sorts of websites where you are supposed to do this and this and this,,, most of these websites I wouldn't want to go to, but luckily for you I've tested it and found the best ways to make it so that you can bring your logo to the next level. Some bad news and a little good news. Bad news first, to make your logo animated you will need to use another website. Another piece of bad news, to make a picture in a signature you need to use another website. Now two pieces of good news, 1.) Other People can do this process for you! (Like me), I put the link to my shop above ^. 2.) You can make Gif's and other formats with offline editors which usually come with your computer based on your operating system!

Most likely you are looking at this because your thinking about how can I change the format with offline editors ! If not just scroll down to the other sections if not wrote:

Ok, a couple notes before we start like this! You can make Scratch Logos with the Scratch Editor although I don't recommend this. Sprites Files are messed up due to the code attached to them. Costumes are possible and I will explain this in detail later on. Second Note is that when trying to find your created logo make your logo search “All Files”. This ensures that you can see all of your files, but if you have tons of files and its unorganized you may want to just to stick with “Photo Files”.

Second Note: This Process only works with Windows. The MAC Operating System does not come with a default paintbrush app, and so you will need to download it! Paintbrush is recommended

1.) Depending on your version of windows either go to your start button and press or go to the top right hand corner and wait for your bar to appear (Windows 8).

2.) Press Search

3.) Put in Paint

4.) The Basic App “Paint” will appear. “Paint” appears on literally every windows device, (specifically Windows 1.0 or later), Press this app and open it. It'll look like this:

Extra Sidenote on the different Windows Versions, here is a timeline

As you see, Paint is in every version

5.) So now your here, what do you do?


6.) This will bring you to your files. Select the photo you would like to edit or change. You may repeat this as many times as you would like, overlapping photos and changing size l). Pretty much paints an awesome program. For MACS, the default program doesn't exist and so you must download an app. . But Good News is that tons of Paint Apps. are available on the app store, and many more for download. Just look at my picture of the paint screen to see all the different things you can do! Its pretty self- explanatory.

7.) So your probably wondering, where do I now save it. You've promised me that I can save it a bunch of different ways! Well Go to
>>>Save As, you will see this

Now you may choose the file format of your choice!

How Do You I animate my logo wrote:

Ok, to animate your logo you are going to need 1 website. It looks like this

A little closer up

Now you use the orange button the upload to the picture, and explore all the different tools. Every tool falls under a subtitle which can help explain what that tool is used for. When you are done, (or not, but you've uploaded a pic.), it will look like this.

When you are done press the picture and click save to files. This will open your files and you will have the opportunity to save it.
Go back to Scratch and Go to your Profile, Press your name on the right hand side and when the tabs come out press Profile. Then you will see the top bar which contains your default logo which looks like this (or not if you've changed it )

Put your Mouse on it and in the left top-hand corner it will say change my logo. Press this, it will bring you to your files where you can click on the ezimba file you made and this will become your animated logo l)

How to animate your signature wrote:

Use all the steps from the previous tutorial for your signature except for the last part about going back to scratch. Then go to cubeupload.com (Warning! This Site uses cookies), then press “Select Images”. This will bring you to your files. After you get the image onto the website it will say “Upload Image”. Press this. Then when its done uploading two links will appear below it. Copy and Paste the first link. Go to Scratch under the signature changer. Press the image icon. Then Put the link into the box when the pop-up appears. You will have a signature! Photo signature should be 750 X 100 pixels. l)

How Does a Studio Work?

Basics of a Studio
Studio's are gallery's where projects can be added. Its an organizer for Scratchers. This Definition has been extended to allow AE Studio's and studios whose focus is to get thousands of curators xD! A Studio has two classes, the owner, managers and curators. Lets begin talking about each one. Some Studios have special permissions (Like the Scratch Welcoming Committee, or the SDS Studios), or are featured. There is a front page tab dedicated to Studios. Pretty Much Studios exist so that Scratchers can create collections of projects which they enjoy. Its another way to organize.

The Owner
The Owner of the Studio is the big boss, he is the original creator. He cannot be kicked by anyone. He has all the permissions a manager has. He usually has more power than all the managers. He can add curators.

Managers, as the name suggests, manage the Studio. They work hard to make sure all the comments are kept in order. They can add curators. Fire Themselves and other managers. They can also fire curators and promote them. They can add any project they like and delete any project they like. They can change the logo and the description. But they cannot fire the owner.

Above the Average Viewer, Curators look for opportunities for the Studio. They Keep Comments in order and are allowed to add any project they like. They can only delete projects which they added themselves. They Cannot edit the description or the logo and can only remove themselves from the studio.

Coding Tutorials
I couldn't go over every part of Scratch Code right here on this guide. If you have questions, Just Post them and I'll be glad to answer them or make a tutorial about them.
My Tutorials can be found here

Why should you trust my advice? I don't know. Here I've listed my credibility and am allowing you to judge for yourself:
Scratch Helper- Welcoming Committee
Vice President and Programmer for the Ultra Player Collaboration
Former High Manager and now on Board of Directors as Vice Chairmen of Tropical Waves
Part of Board of Directors at Flux
Script Helper for Pro Invent Inc. and associates
Forum Helper for ScratchBlox
Participant in the Factoring Machine Project
Manager in Corn & Company
Manager of Scratch News
Executive Manager for “The First Scratch Movie” SM Project
Admin on Cloud Platformer
Programmer and Artist for Book Inc.
High Manager and Founder of ﷼ ∞ MakeTheBrainHappy's ⓈⒽⓄⓅ! ∞ Infinite Possibilities ∞ ﷼
2nd in Command at Next-E☈A Collaborations
Dual-Owner in the official scratch stickied “The Shop Directory”
Vice-President and Programmer of the Cubefield Collaboration
Part of Front-Paged magazine
Owner of 1 front-paged Project
Founder and Manager of the Scratch Mentoring Committee
Head Programmer for Conquest: Game Collaboration
Programmer and Idea Maker for Hidden Paths
Programmer for Treasures Opened
Co-Manager of the Ultropia Collaboration
Member of Code Logo Request Center
Founder and Manager of the Scratch Feedback Committee
Skillful Reporter for Untitled Inc.
Owner of the “Guide to building better shops” stickied forum
Member of Sigton's Shop
Member of ZLGames Wonderful Shop of Everything
Judge at Paint Wars
Judge at SC Champions
Teacher at CCCC (Crimson and Co's Collaboration College)
Counselor at Summer Camp 2015
Counselor at Winter Camp 2015
Member of Coder's Sprite Shop
Member of -Vitae- Shop
Member of Joys Quest Collaboration
Member of Silverwolf Studios
Owner of the Shop Directory 3.0
Admin at CloudCards
Admin at Super Hero RP
Owner of Infinite News
Chief Judge in the Shop Federation Court
Advisor and Manager and Spencealot's Shop of Everything
Member of ErnieParkes Idea Shop
Curator of 200+ Studios
and More….

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Scratch: The Guide °Updated° Everything you need to know!

If anyones wondering if this is completed, ist not, I'll be adding Moderators, Mentors, and the Scratch Team by the end of tommorow. Enjoy
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Scratch: The Guide °Updated° Everything you need to know!

There are several other guides like this… do we really need another one?

1000+ posts

Scratch: The Guide °Updated° Everything you need to know!

1000+ posts

Scratch: The Guide °Updated° Everything you need to know!

*Sigh…* I guess the ST either didn't reply or thought this was okay.

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Scratch: The Guide °Updated° Everything you need to know!

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Scratch: The Guide °Updated° Everything you need to know!

makethebrainhappy wrote:


People say “bump” too much. <sigh>

I like bunnies and purple.
I also like teal/turquoise/whatever it's really called.

For my test account, go here
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Scratch: The Guide °Updated° Everything you need to know!

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Scratch: The Guide °Updated° Everything you need to know!

Amazing tutorial! You provided a lot of key points! Well done

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Scratch: The Guide °Updated° Everything you need to know!

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