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What Music Are You Listening To (3)

IfIWereARichMan wrote:

sabrinachichi wrote:

Bardo1900 wrote:

Every time I listen to this song I get goosebumps and I feel my eyes sweat when it gets to the end.
how do eyes sweat…
It's called crying

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What Music Are You Listening To (3)

IfIWereARichMan wrote:

-_-Onscratch wrote:

A therian is someone who identifies as an animal and most of the time spends a part of their day training like one like running on all fours or practicing their four legged jumps. Some furries are therians but not all therians are furries as far as i’m aware.

Hope this helps!
To be fair, is that a minority…?
Yes, there are religious/spiritual components to it, so attacking a Therian can be put on the same level as attacking someone over their religion or spiritual belief system. The description of -_-Onscratch gave about a therian training like an animal is grossly incorrect since there are different ways the belief is practiced.

pqsgraham wrote:

from what i saw, i don't think they were attacking the music by that therian musician because they were a therian, just because the music was garbage in their opinion. you can listen to music and criticize it without taking into account the identity of the musician. if attacking music by a therian musician separately from the musician is ‘attacking a marginalized group" then by that logic it’s racist for me to say that i don't like Gunna's new single or that i don't like Lil Nas X's new song. if its an attack on the identity of a musician to criticize music, then that means that you cant criticize any music without being offensive towards the artist. imo i think cheddargirl was overreacting. i didn't get to read the last few messages though, so it might have turned nasty or something
It turned quite nasty towards the end. Notably the stuff I removed at the end was specifically attacking the music artist for being a Therian, and degrative talk about the lyrics referencing Therian themes. The gossip of moderator actions going on here isn't nice, but I suppose that fact that not everyone saw the (17) posts I had to remove means I was working quicker than normal.

I also noticed the thread was created about day after I closed the original thread. No one was was given permission to recreate the thread, and as aside from the inappropriate discussion of Therians again, it doesn't help that I just had to remove a post with inappropriate lyrics in them. As mentioned previously, it's best that this thread be closed outright or go on a longer break than normal. We can reconsider to possibly reopening or recreating the thread after several months like with the Pokemon thread, but not now. Too many people have been hurt to justify recreating or reopening the thread at this time.

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