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What does Català mean?

What does Català mean?

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What does Català mean?

In the future, please use Questions about Scratch for questions like this one.
Anyways, Català (meaning Catalan) is a language spoken mostly in Catalonia, and in surrounding areas.
And yes, I'm posting on one of the language forums, but this is to clear up any confusion.
(Translated to Català in Google Translate):
En el futur, utilitzeu Scratch Questions per a preguntes com aquesta.
En qualsevol cas, el català (que vol dir català) és una llengua parlada majoritàriament a Catalunya i els seus voltants.
I sí, estic publicant en un dels fòrums d'idiomes, però això és per aclarir qualsevol confusió.
Vaig fer servir Google Translate per al català.
(Translated from Català to English in Google Translate):
In the future, use Scratch Questions for questions like this.
In any case, Catalan (which means Catalan) is a language spoken mostly in Catalonia and its surroundings.
And yes, I'm posting on one of the language forums, but that's to clear up any confusion.

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What does Català mean?

Hi, Català is a spaniard language.

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