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One Thing I Want

I didn't know what I wanted to write about on my first topic so I looked it up online and found this. Anyway, I want a great future. But the road to that goal is under construction. My grades are low. And only two months left! One's in P.E., but that's because I didn't turn in my computer assignments. I get A's or higher on the Pacer Test. Then my honors biology class, I didn't turn in some work. Math, I can do that. And last, language arts.

My teacher, Mrs. Feinberg, is so MEAN! She took two of my quizzes because I was telling a boy to stop talking to me! And I can never find my packets.

Now I have to say goodbye.


P.S. ¿Pondría usted deja de molestarme después de que alguien dijo que no estaban tratando de molestar a usted y usted también dijo algo grosero con su comentario?

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Lulu's Opinion Chamber of Keeps(LOCK)

I don't think this goes here, sorry.

'17 rickoid

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