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Matrix Effect


As the name suggest "Binary Matrix Effects" is a tool you can use to create lots of interesting Matrix like effects.
The creation of the project started with me making a game which I designed the effect for but liked the look of it so much that I decided to make it into a seperate project with lots of added features and things to play around with.


  • Change the colours of the numbers evenly or have them all be random colours. You can also randomise the background colour.
  • Add a rainbow effect to the trail making them all multicoloured for a cool effect, or press B again for a pixelated effects on the trail.
  • All the falling numbers change size and shift positions slightly in order to keep things interesting (Or can turn it off to have them all be the same size)
  • Press X to move all the numbers to a random position, press it repeatedly for cool effects when mixed with the other options
  • Press L to line all the numbers up at the top and watch them fall, also good as a reset option.
  • Just really nice to watch, would make a nice screensaver. (Also has tons of remixing potential if you can work out my messy coding)

Image Previews

The default look

A more multicoloured look

Showing off a few of the effects

(If you like this project please feel free to check out my other main project here)

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Matrix Effect

Cool matrix stuff!

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