3D Scrolling Dot Matrix Clock!

by ivan321
See inside

Space changes color. The I key inverts the dark and light dots.
H hides the non-lit dots.T key toggles 12-hour and 24-hour time.
M toggles music on and off.
K and L shrink and enlarge the clock.
Left and right arrow keys reverse the scrolling direction.
Up arrow changes the backdrop. Down arrow pauses the scrolling.
WASD tilts up and down, or shifts the left-right radius.
Q toggles mouse control on and off.

Notes and Credits

Thanks for featuring this, Scratch Team!

If you're interested in making a clock of your own, look for the current minute block in the Sensing menu. If you're remixing this, you can change the font of the numbers in the display by editing the 1s and 0s in the Characters list. (Items 1-5 are the "0"; items 6-10 are the "1"; etc.)

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