3D Mini Golf

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Total par=30

Get three hole in ones in the one game for a prize of 1 love it one one seleted project of your choice!

Speed is a bit slow online so please download and play in presentation mode for the best 3D experience.

Croud's reaction added!

Get your family and friends over for a round of mini golf. The 3D effects give you a whole new experiecnce on scratch that make you fell like you're really there!

Use the up arrow key to increase power (Power must be arround twenty for full distance of the green) and use the down arrow key to dectrease it. The left and right arrow keys change the angle of the ball. Use Space to shoot.

Put your score in the comments. High scorer gets 3 love it's on 3 of that users selected projects.
Please post your comments like this.
Name-score-3 projects of your choice.

Helpful tips.

Helpful tip No.1:
If the power is to low it will bearly move. too high and it will go off the green.

Helpful tip No. 2:
Bunkers and the rough slow you down

Helpful tip No. 3:
Watch out for hammy the hamster.

!High Scores!
1. Thunder010- 9 under par
2.Bob- 4 under par
3.Fred- 0 under par
4.Frank- 4 over par
5.Insert funny name here- 5 over par

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