99% Invisible (Platformer)

by Cirrus-
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Notes and Credits

Thanks for the feature @scratchteam! It means a lot! (3/23/16)
Thanks for over 7000 loves!

99% Invisible

In this platformer, after 1.5 seconds the platforms will disappear. You will have to rely on your memory and instincts to complete the level. Every so often, the platforms will show themselves again to give you a hint on where to go. Less than 1% of viewers beat the game!

Instructions are in game.

There are 15 levels total. I tried to make them somewhat difficult. Comment if you complete the game!

Fullscreen recommended.

Credits (there are in game but not everyone will beat the game so I'll put them here):

Platforming Engine: @getbent
Music: Anomaly by time/space ( @technoboy10)
Font: Special Elite
Graphics: SVE and Google Drawings

I really hope you enjoy this, I put a lot of time into it. :)

3/2/16: Made Level 11 easier, made ground show for longer.
3/23/16: Added much requested level numbers, double click flag at the beginning to ensure this works right.
3/24/16: Added death count, press d to toggle it.

Proven Winner List:
Look under the cloud data tab below the project window.
It counts as a win once you have seen the "Complete!" screen after Level 15.

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