See inside

Sorry for the lag, if there is any. The project really isn't all that big.
Er, I mean...
1. pr3ss da gren FLAG!!!!
2. pr3pare for t3h 3pic lolz!! xDDDD

What can I do...?
Time will unbind our memory glue
And I'll be as nobody-ish as all of you

Notes and Credits

"But scratchU8, what does this project mean?!" You probably won't ask because despite me leaving hints to overarching stories and upcoming projects no one looks for or acknowledges them
Anyway haha yeah this project means something that relates to my Scratch career in the future, which may be a dead giveaway, but oh well.
=Fun Fax=
- This song is from the Adventure Time episode, "Astral Plane"...
- I originally wanted the original song on here, but to make it more clear this isn't just an animation based off the song, I sang it myself. So congratulations, you get to hear my off key singing instead.
- i'm sick

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