Drone Simulator

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Drone Control Manual:
Use the right arrow key to turn right. Use the left arrow key to tun left.
Press the right and left arrow keys at the same time to move in the direction your facing. To move right or left first turn in the direction you want to move then press both arrow keys. Use the up arrow key to speed up and the down arrow key to slow down.
Drone Customizer:
The Drone customizer first appears when you start the project. To hide the customizer press H. Too show the customizer press S. In the customizer you can customize your drone by clicking on the drone head/body or drone propeller. You can also adjust the different sliders in the customizer to: Change the time of day, change the wind, change your weapon, adjust maneuverability, and add a tree. Finally, you can import Drone Codes by manually changing each
item in the list and then pressing the + button. Your own code is shown in the customizer.
A code = 12231112
You would import the code into the list by adding it like this:
Then press the + button and you imported a Drone Code! Share your drone codes in the comments! My Drone Code: 3412-31103

Notes and Credits

Programming: @jackbotic
Art/Graphics: @jackbotic
Everything else: @jackbotic
Share your drone codes in the comments!
My Drone Code: 3412-31103

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