Kruncrarian Translator - BETA

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This is the Kruncrarian translator, it's still in beta mode, so when it comes to translating english to kruncrarian, not much will have changed, vise versa though, is fine, this is kinda where you guys come in, give me ideas for words, to avoid suggesting something that is already in it, type it in the translator first to test it.

and to clear things off, before you acuse me of theft, it's true that I took inspraration from Paddle2SeeFixIt's German translator, I didn't nessesaraly steal it, I just took elements off it, to get me started with it, so I hope it's ok with him.

Time for some probably never gonna be a reality annoucements, yay...
Since it'll be ages away untill I start that C# course I'll be doing, I decided to start making the engine in the scratch version of the game, I've not done much so far but hopefully, I'll actualy release something that's not a translator for first time in possibly a year.

So yeah, please send in word requests (the "add new word" feature doesn't save) so I can actually finish this...

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