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On the first level, the character moves with the arrow buttons. Guide the character past the zombies and into safety. Wait until on of the zombies touch safety.
After the tidal wave comes, use the arrow keys to go to the door and then the basement door. In the basement, wait until you are out in the water.
When you are in the water, the boat follows the mouse. Guide the boat past the rocks and towards safety.
After you get to safety, the project finishes after a few animations.

Notes and Credits

This project is about a man trying to survive a sudden apocalypse where he has to go through zombies, a huge tsunami and murderous monster rocks.
I'm Conor Brennan from Coderdojo Clonakilty. This is my first project that I've uploaded onto this website, and with 191 scripts, my most complex project I've made. I would like to thank the mentors at Coderdojo Clonakilty for helping me when I hit a dead end while making this project. I'd also like to thank my parents for bringing me to Coderdojo every week so I can work on my project and get help for it. Thank you Quality Hotel Clonakilty for providing Coderdojo a place to have weekly meetings.
I hope you enjoy this project!

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