A Very Productive Coffee Shop

See inside
Notes and Credits

This is where I usually try to write something funny, but I don't really have anything clever to say for this project. I'll just put a bunch of technical stuff here instead (you should still read it all- it's pretty important)

It's fairly large, so it may take some time to load. It might also have some lag issues.

If you find any bugs, tell me what it is and how you found it. It's a really big project, so there's a lot of things that could go wrong. I'll be writing down known bugs in these notes, so look here before reporting a bug. It might already be on it's way to being fixed. I also might be adding more to the game later, so don't panic if it gets unshared for an hour or two.

This took me two months to make and I'm pretty excited to be finally throwing it out there.


Some links and stuff:
First Productive Happening: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/51573132/
Second Productive Happening: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/63544030/
Speedpaint of the comic(on YouTube):

1. Click "see inside" and enter edit mode.
2. Right-click on the gray list box onscreen and click "import".
3. Dig around in your computer's files to find the save game file.
*By default, your save file should be named "save" and it should
be stored in your Documents folder or your Downloads folder
(this is just for Windows I don't know how Macs work)*
**If the list doesn't have orange boxes of data in it after you
import the list, it did not upload correctly. Follow steps 1 to 3 to
upload it again.**
4. Type "load game" into the answer box and click the blue check
button (or just skip the typing and hit the blue check button first)
5. As long as your save file wasn't tampered with or corrupted, your
game will load. be sure to save a new file after playing and
overwrite the old file.

Known bugs:
-->Sometimes the comic won't show right at the beginning. Press the flag twice to avoid this.
-->Load game breaks if you don't actually load a file. This should be obvious, but eh.
-->Sometimes you have to upload the save file twice.

Things that AREN'T bugs:
-->Paying money for supplies after Nano and Pico are bought. You may not have to do it yourself anymore, but you still need to pay money for supplies.
-->No money when coffee explodes. Would you pay for something that just exploded in your face? Probably not.
-->Supplies being capped off at 50. This is a remnant of the alpha game that I never changed. It's not a glitch, and I'm not changing it.
-->Not always losing when you run out of supplies. If you have the money to buy the supplies, you wont lose. The game will just stall until you buy the supplies.

Me for coding and art
Scratch for the characters

Menu - Winner Winner by Kevin MacLeod
Other music credits are in the project

Sound effects:
Super Mario Bros. Game over sound
Other sound effects are from SoundBible and Freesound.org

Version 1.6.2
Last update: 5/1/2016

**Expect this project to be updated later with more features**
***If you find a bug please tell me because there's probably a few that I missed****
****Thank you****

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