Logic Gate Circuit Designer

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See inside

After you see and hear the tutorial you will want to know that the wires are NOT bi-directional, make sure the green (sensor) end is placed on the signal you want to transmit. Also be careful that sensors from different elements don't shadow each other; try not to stack them on top of each other.
If you want to change the direction an element or switch is pointing, hold the mouse over it and use the arrow keys.
If you remix this for yourself, when you open it up again it will be as you last saved it. So, if you then want a clean area click on Clear All to send all the parts back to their bins and get a fresh start.
There are enough components to built a Half Adder or a Full Adder.
I created a Full Adder thanks to Heines and the code in his project: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/20008698/. I redesigned the look of the Adder.
When Clicked, Trigger Switch goes ON for half a second then goes back to OFF.

Notes and Credits (added by marty9236)

Add some features like "clear all" to send all the parts back to their bins and get a fresh start. Not sending Adder and Trigger Switches back yet.
Made "ON" text for switches green to contrast better. Also, switches flip just like element do.
Thanks to Paddle2See for the original project and Proto-Eric for additional improvements!

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