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Numbers in Filipino

[Original Notes]
Learn to count and write numbers in all Languages

Press any number button to see and hear that number. You can use the video buttons to have a complete count forward or backwards, slow or fast. You can pause and restart at any time. Have Fun.

We invite you to remix this project and put in your national numbers in it. The goal is to have all the current and ancient number systems in our Numbers Gallery.

The Numbers Program is the first major effort of the Super School Team that includes dapontes, DrSuper, ffred and mathjp at present.

Notes and Credits (added by cheddargirl)

[Cheddargirl's Notes]

DrSuper asked me to remix one of the numbers project so that it can be included in the numbers gallery. So I remixed this so the gallery can include Filipino.

I had problems with the disappearing text bug and uploading and saving. Hopefully there will be no bugs in the project. *crosses fingers* (edit: mea culpa... the spelling for the number 1 is wrong! It's "isa", not "isat"! I'll fix that later :P)

-> Regarding the number 0: Some Filipino language instruction may use "wala" for zero; "wala" is a term to denote "nothing", as is "nothing is there".

-> To say that this is the only way to say numbers in Filipino is incorrect. Filipinos may say numbers in English or Spanish.

-> No, that's not my voice (I have no microphone). I found a lovely YouTube video that was teaching numbers in Filipino, and ripped the soundtrack from that video for this remixed project.

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