Super Scratch Bros.

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[Right arrow key] - Move right
[Left arrow key] - Move left
[Up arrow key] - Jump
[X] - Shield
[Z] - Attack
Attack + Move right/left = Ram
Attack + Jump = Upward attack
Attack + Down = Meteor
Try to knock your opponent off the stage by attacking 'em.
If you win an Easy, Normal, or Hard game you will be rewarded with coins. Go to the shop to upgrade your player. You can also buy other characters to play as.
Marathon: Basically you have one life to face each character in the game. If you finish, you will get a sticker!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sort of like All-Star mode for those of you who have played Super Smash Bros)

Update log:
2/17/16: Added Health bar due to popular request
Now there are a whopping 18 characters!
2/6/16: Added Professor Bobo, conspiracy theorist and master criminal!
2/5/16: Added Steve
2/2/16: Changed name from Battle Bash to Super Scratch Bros
2/1/16: Added Miiverse stage
1/31/16: Added arrow atop your character, and the characters Meta Knight and Luigi
1/30/16: Fixed "infinite money" bug
1/29/16: Added save function, which saves your money and stats
Also added Link

Based off of Super Smash Bros
All music is by Nintendo, except one music loop from Scratch
Credit to Namco, Peppa Pig, Scratch, General Mills, Mojang and Nintendo for characters

Planning to add:
Mr. Game and Watch
Wii Fit Trainer
Little Mac
Eduard O's, the world's first beef cereal

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