Cats Circling Cats Fourier Transform

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Draw any pattern you want on screen, and have it approximated by cats circling cats circling cats....
Written mostly in ApuC so I didn't have to spend so much time dragging blocks out and debugging. See the stage for the ApuC source. (This is probably the first project I have ever made where ApuC worked for its intended purpose - implementing fourier stuff was trivial but it expanded to a huge mess of scratch blocks :P)

Press these keys (I was too lazy to make a gui):
1: Draw a pattern
2: Calculate Fourier coefficients
3: Render approximated function
4: Start/Stop cats spinning animation
5: Reset screen

Start with 1, draw a pattern, then press 2, then press 4.
Adjust the sliders when the animation is playing. The sizes of the cats in the animation correspond to the amplitude of their oscillation.

Note: The cats aren't exactly circling. I didn't bother to correct that.
There are probably more efficient ways to calculate Fourier coefficients. I literally just integrated f(x) f(x)sin(nx) and f(x)cos(nx) 100 times.

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