Heffalump Hunt 3D

See inside

Use mouse to click on interactable objects (they'll highlight if you mouse over them) and use arrows at the top to navigate.
This game was originally for Winnie The Pooh Day but I didn't start it until the day of and it took a long time to make
Also remember to have fun pls this took a long time to make ok

Ok I think people are having trouble with inventory
So (now this only works if you're in a spot where your item can be used) you click on the item you want to use and if it's useable where you are, it'll do everything for you. Just click on the item. Or use space if it's glasses. If it doesn't do anything, it's not supposed to.

and maybe leave a love-it if you're really neat :}}}}}

Notes and Credits

This is pretty much a rip-off of this really dope project: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/53739000/ so credit to @djdolphin
All photos are from google images and I do not own them, but vector drawings are all me
8bit drawings made by me with piskel
Credit to cooltext.com for the cool text
Music during main part of game is Title Theme|Smooth Jazz Remix remixed by Magicmusic06
Music during boss fight is Ohmu no Bousou by Joe Hisaishi (I think, it's from Nausicaa)
Victory music is Gonna Fly Now Remix remixed by Magicmusic06
Click sound effect from soundbible
Victory sound effect from http://noproblo.dayjo.org/
Credit to Pepperridge Farms for goldfish
And lastly thanks to A.A. Milne for the characters (Pooh, Piglet, Heffalump, and Tigger)

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