3d stereogram editor - soccer

by AddZero
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"Space" to view the stereogram.

"E" to Edit. (use number keys to change depth/darkness.)


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Made for ScratchDesignStudio "patterns"

How this works:

there is a 15x11 "depthmap" list that is being used like a 2d array.
it's a black and white image basicly that stores how far back or forward everything is.

Let's start with the editor. press e.

The editor first draws the depthmap.
starting at the bottom left then moving right and up row by row.

Then in a loop figures out what cell your mouse cursor is in, and if you click you change that cell with the current shade.

The stereogram drawer works basically the same way. It starts at the left, the sprite moves 32 pixels, then senses what cell it's in, if it's -100 it moves 20 pixels to the right. if it's -50, it stays in the same place. if it's 0 it moves 20 to the left. ...and draws a dot.

So the "depth" of the cell determines how far to the left or right the dot goes.
The result is that the whiter, or nearer the cell, the more condensed the pattern. The farther away, (darker) the more spread out it is.

When you cross your eyes, your eyes and brain think it's seeing a 3d image.

Let me know if you have questions and I'll clarify. Please "love it" if you do.

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