Measurements Taken For Scratch Characters

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NOTICE: I've made a topic with LOADS more prefixes:

PLEASE READ! It's probably because I need to know which character with the same name is the REAL one. But EVERYBODY, some 17,866,721 people know what Scratch characters' names are based off. (See the Scratch statistics at the bottom.)
If anyone's name is under any of these characters, let EVERY-SINGLE-BODY know! @Prof_Red listened and changed his characters' names. But at this rate we're gonna run out of names - unless someone discovers more surfing the net.

I replaced One with Mono, partly because Deci also means 10, Centi also means 100 and Milli means 1000. I know what a decagon is.

Take a look at this before anyone plans on making anymore hybrids. @FurryNerd, @Bright-Idea, @xxxFNAFfan222xxx, @MyzebraS, @GoldCrocTV and @CookieQueen1234 didn't listen but obviously they didn't know.

Use the mouse to look to the right and left.
Glitch: If the mouse isn't within the Stage, it will automatically scroll to the far left side. (UPDATE: This is only on Macs.)
-Added Bronto and Yocto. I also added a message at the start debating the different names regarding the measurements.
-Now added Milli (finally!).
-Macro and Mini are opposites of Micro and Mega. That's why they're there. Of course I could put Mira Mira under Tera, but Mira Mira isn't a measurement of any kind. (Mira Mira by @campergirl5678)

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