Circle Wars [GAME]

by haramey
See inside

8.18.2017 - Cloud Data(Rank) has been deleted again

Control using mouse! Collect items and kill enemies!
Press K key to die instantly, F key to show the fps, Q key to select quality

Please tell me any glitches and bugs (And follow me xD)
If you are New Scratcher, comment your score!

Different Enemies

Red - Normal enemy
Black - Invincible
Black2 - Big
White - Chaser
Yellowish green - Fast
Purple - Ghost
Yellow - Teleporter
Carlet - Longer
Green - Bounces when touching the edge
Mint - Clones. Leaves traces

Notes and Credits

@Mr-Hunter told me how to remove the vector image bug!!!
I really thank him

And @Lupic always helps me :) He gave me some text images.
@red0217(Zeack) gave me the cloud script. I finally completed the game! (and he remixed to no lag version. I adapted it)

Other codings : haramey
Graphics : haramey ( with the sprite resource : )
Songs : Super Hexagon - Focus, Otis
Open Hexagon - massacrev2, milkyways
2 Feb 2016
v1.5.15 - Fixed the cloud glitches.

1 Feb 2016
v1.5.14 - Changed the maximum of the ranking.(100 ---> 1000)

23 Jan 2016
v1.5.13 - Added fps (F key) and low quality mode (Q key)

17 Jan 2016
v1.5.12 - Changed name of variable from Korean to English

16 Jan 2016
v1.5.11 - Added turbo mode prohibition system
Fixed a bug about longer enemy

15 Jan 2016
v1.5.0 - Added world high score system

14 Jan 2016
v1.4.4 - Added more songs and lowered the levels of difficulty : Such as teleporter enemy's teleport number
1UP item appears more often
Fixed a bug where small enemies don't disappear
Shield item lasts longer
Added 'k' key

12 Jan 2016
v1.4.3 - Official release on @haramey account

1 Mar 2015
v1.0.0 - Completed it But I couldn't upload because of a vector image bug.

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