New Show Trailer! (And Contest) For me and Wolfstep's new animated series! (I like salamanders >:3)

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A show about anthros.

I have no idea if this will make it to the website. >.> Internet won't turn on. I mean, the icon for the site appears next to the adress, but the page won't show up! >:|

:D Please enter!

Sorry I haven't been on in a few days, the power went out... SO ANYWAY, about the contest, if you don't make the link think in the project, I have to take off points... Sorry! I will announce when the entries are due in abount a week, depending on how many entries.

This is the trailer of the animated series me and Wolfstep planned to make, we're still getting some animators to join though. But... Sorry I couldn't tell you guys about it before. (The power was out and stuff xD)

Avis will be an anthro in here. Happy now? =\

Yes, so uhm... ENTER! :D

I think I should tell you guys... Tats are alloud. Tats are what Celia is; a bat/cat/dragon. You see one in the beginning, the lavender/purplish one.

All art done on scratch :3

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