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curated by: PastelDreaminq! :)

This is a creative platformer, with interactive features, it is currently unfinished, but I wanted to show you what it is going to be like. There are only 7 levels but they are very easy, but in the full version there will be more harder levels to enjoy. Please show your support by
♥️, ⭐️ and following.

Use the arrow keys to move:
Up: Jump
Left: Move left
Right: Move right
Space: Shoot (useless at the moment)

Notes and Credits

Sorry for the glitches and bugs at the moment, this is my very first platforming engine, made entirely by me (with a bit of influence from other platformers), so it probably is not the most efficient or smoothest. Thanks to the countless other platformers which helped me create my own coding.

Music: Vexento origami
***Note: full version is not coming - feel free to remix and complete it yourself. Sorry :( Comment the link to your remix on my profile, and if it is good enough (30 relatively difficult levels would be amazing) I will link it on the main project and share your work.

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