Online Carcassonne v2.1

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★ What is Carcassonne...?

The game begins with each player having 7 meeple tokens and the full set of game tiles is shuffled. Each player then takes it turn to play as follows:

1. Receive a random game tile (featuring a mix of land features; farm land, road, city and river).

2. Place the tile on the game board (using the mouse) such that all edge feature line up with existing tiles - At the beginning of the game you 'must' match the river to a river. (The tile may be rotated using the arrow keys or space).

3. Choose whether to place one of your meeple tokens on one of the (unoccupied) land features of your placed tile (features will often span many tiles, but road segments begin and end at any junction). This is the end of your turn.

Score will be allocated on completion of any features. The player with the most meeples on a segment is awarded all points. Farm land is the exception as the meeples are not returned to you or scored until the end of the game, at which point you receive points for all the completed cities adjacent to your field.

★ Controls

Move mouse to position the tile
Drag the mouse to scroll the map (wheel to zoom)
Left and right arrow keys (or space) to rotate the tile
Click to place the tile.

★ Change Log

13 Jan 2016 - v2.1 - Added help tips to the online joining screen + cloud timeout ends game.

12 Jan 2016 - v2.0 - Added Cloud Play! (SO HARD!!!) - I'm afraid if one player quits then the game will just stall at present... sorry for that...

9 Jan 2016 - v1.0 - Added Splash screen, how to play & released!

9 Jan 2016 - v0.11 - Completed the scoring so that it works out the end scores for fields! yay :)

8 Jan 2016 - v0.10 - Added better scoring and multi player bits, still lots to add!

8 Jan 2016 - v0.9 - Added scoring

7 Jan 2016 - v0.8 - Completed roads & villages now return Meeples, Cloisters are classed as completed and return meeples when they are surrounded by 8 tiles. Fields do not return meeples until end game (not yet implemented)

6 Jan 2016 - v0.7 - Zoom level no longer as large when placing meeples and meeple skip tick is to the right of tile. Defaulted tile hints to off.

★ Credits

All credit for the game graphics go to Z-Man Games

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