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Build and manage your own theme park!

FUTURE GAMES: This is old and so laggy, so do check out my new things. My games actually run in frames per second now rather than frames per minute.

I still read every comment! :D (10/August/2018) August 2018 Patch: Cleaners are now 50% more effective. Scenery is now expected to be a minimum of total rides * 2. So for every ride, you need at least two scenery items.

Notes and Credits

If a ride is not connected to a path, it is possible for guests to get lost trying to find the entrance to it. This can also lead to a "there was no exit" glitch. Deleting rides and scenery is not possible due to code complications. However, you can replace track and road pieces.

Change game speed with keys: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (may cause extra lag)

Music by Max05Thirteen, and main menu song by Silent Partner

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