Underfell Sans Fight [Gaster Blasters...!]

See inside

Use the Arrow keys to move. Press E to explode and then reform again. Press O to force yourself into RED mode and P to force yourself into ORANGE mode. When your soul is ORANGE, you are constantly pulled to the ceiling, and you can't move if you're standing on it. R to reset the times you've played and reset the dialogue. S to use a "spinning" bone attack.
H for a barrage of Gaster Blasters, J for a single Gaster Blaster.
Aaaah, finally, I have time to work on this again! and now the Gaster Blasters are added, and this time with a gimmick! They reflect off a mirror, that makes it just that much harder to dodge completely!
Minor Tweaks to the SOUL's movement speed
Minor Tweaks to the SOUL's damage intake (A lot of damage now does a bit less.)

Notes and Credits

Sprites are all custom, would you look at that? Credit to the !Underfell AU, thanks for all the sharp edge you gave our characters.<3

Still unfinished. Expect updates, not gonna forget about this one!
(((...Eh, don't count on it.)))

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