Pokemon Editor Pro v 1.3.5: 4 Legged Pokemon

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Tutorial in the description! :P

Any ideas? Any troubles? Any bugs? Just type up a nice little comment! I will try to answer as many as possible. :D

There are probably millions of possibilities of unique Pokemon, so feel free to post a link to a Pokemon picture. If it is irrelevant or inappropriate, your comment will be deleted.

CURATED: 10/1/16 (or 1/9/16 American dates). Thanks! :D

I will make a import/export feature once this is no longer curated, because otherwise heaps of people would be able to take a peak at the updates.

Notes and Credits

This is by far my greatest work in a long time. I present, the Pokemon Editor Pro v 1.3, Or PEP V 1.3 for short. I will explain the features.


The the left, are default body parts. You can do stuff like:

- Make things bigger/smaller (S + D for size lower, S + U for size higher)
- Change colour (C)
- Change position (Arrow keys)
- Change shape (Space)
- Rotate (R + Arrow keys)
- Bring to front (F)
- Go back a layer (D)

To control certain parts, you need the know their key letter.

- A is arm
- O + A is other arm
- L is legs
- H is head
- B is body

Now, how you actually do the actions is to combine the key letter with the action. Some examples:

If you want the change the shape of the body, you would press B + Space (Body Change Shape). If you want to increase the size of the arms, you would press A + S + U (Arms Size Up)

Now, to the right is some add on stuff. It is the same thing, but you can drag them with your mouse instead of combining a key letter with a action. You can only do the action while carrying the specific add on (If you didn't guess already). For some of the add ons, some actions were taken away.

Some action's keys were also changed.

- Up and down arrow keys for size
- Left and right arrow keys for rotation

So to execute one of these actions, you would do something like:

Click and hold + (Action)

Mute music by pressing M

One last thing. You can name your Pokemon by pressing N.

So in conclusion, you are pretty free in this. Get creative, and think outside the box. Infact, how I made the thumbnail Pokemon was by making the body the head and the head the body! Pretty neat, huh? Have fun!


The music is a Pokemon Gym Leader Remix.
All of the art is by me (but some is BASED off of other things)!

You are free to use any Pokemon you make here in your own projects.

Side note: This will get updated for every 10-20 views this gets. If this gets thousands, ummmm welp.

V 1.0.1:

Just a quick patch that allows you to mute the music with M.

V 1.0.5 A small content update that honestly, was made in like, 5 - 10 minutes.

V 1.1 New content!

V 1.1.5 Another small content update that added more legs.

V 1.3 An update so big, it went up 2 versions.

- Added rotation (R + Left and Right Arrow Keys)
- Added a belly add on
- Content updates
- Made the arms two separate body parts
- Added the ability to bring body parts to front and back

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