RTS(Real Time Simulation)

See inside

S key : Save (Data Click & All select(Ctrl+A) & Copy(Ctrl+C))
L key : Load (Save Data paste)

Terrain is randomly generated.
It can be mapped move the cursor keys. Size 50 * 50
Select the building to build a building by clicking on the map.
The building will be built in the desert or grassland but not been built in the forest and rocky mountain.
Building farm, timber plants, there are three types of quarry.
It is to build a building of wood and stone to 100 consumption respectively.
To work at around 9 block of the building.
It is not built building in the water.
Farms to produce food.
Farm resources are not depleted.
Timber plants to produce wood.
Quarry is to produce stone.
Areas where work range by the building is a duplicate, the productivity is improved.
The resources of the forest and the Ishiyama is limited, and collected finish to desertification.
Up to six people can live in each building.
Unnecessary building can be removed.
When you remove the building also will be no residents in the building.
Food is consumed in accordance with the number of residents.
Current situation is to work even if food becomes negative.

The data has been added to save and load function to store to the outside as a character code. Please be kept separately to copy because it displays the character code for the save in the S key. Road to display the input box in the L key, and then restore the data when you run and paste the character code that has been stored. Character code is a fixed length of 10080 bytes.

It added the display of the NPC. Get an atmosphere in which residents are living, but also feel that eyesore.
Only residents I'm timing of thanks in the process is a bug is found to remain. It has not yet been fixed.

It added the fisherman. When installed adjacent to the body of water to produce the food.

It added the effect of the day and night to image the movement of the time.
However, there is no place for now impact on the game by day and night.

Since there is no change in the screen we add a simple cloud.







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