The cat cafe (new and improved (maybe?))

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Top loved 27/2/16, yay! :D

This is a game where you must make various things, ranging from smoothies to cakes, for your customers which are cats! You'll earn a few extra coins the faster the cat gets their order. There are a few more things that you get to do, but I'll leave that for you to find out...

Instructions in-game.
(there's an Easter egg I hid inside the project. Try to find it.. if you can ;)

All programming + art is me. The original idea of this was inspired by the Papa's Pizzeria/Burgeria/Cupcakeria/you-get-the-idea-eria games, I guess. I wasn't able to find any fitting music for this, so if you've got any suggestions please tell me! Font is mainly Neucha. The text engine (also mine) font is Raleway. Also some good ol' Comic Sans here and there :D :D :D :D XD XD XD XD D: D: D: D:
...this project is pretty ridiculous.

So, I made a project called Cat Cafe Game (link: might unshare soon idk) two years ago, not long after I joined (I think I was about a week into it at the end of January?). It had a bunch of bugs, it looked terrible, programming was even worse than this, it just wasn't good. Thus I remade the project. I think I've improved a bunch in the two years (+1 month) I've been on here!

2/2/15: Fixed bug in tutorial where it didn't realise you'd made the strawberry smoothie, fixed bug where after failing to complete a minigame you didn't get to replay it.
17/2/15: Added thing telling you what the cat ordered if you weren't paying attention.
Let's just say I've attempted to fix what I could attempt to fix and leave it at that... there's a bunch of bugs I can't find and thus can't fix :(

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