Colour Jump

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Project notes:

1 sprite 1 script!

This is a quick project I made for my B-Day which is this mothers day:XD

Breif Instructions are in the Game but here they're. Arrow Keys to move. Don't move onto red, you'll die. On the left of the screen it shows you how many times you can land on a colour. Eg if you land on blue and then move of it it will go green. The aim of the game is to get the highest score possible. Your score is made of your total moves X your points. Points are awarded for landing on the squares, and more dangerous squares like green award more points than squares like orange.

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1. steppenwulf 44528
2. laser100 32050
3. Prestige 31800
4.Silversilver 10416
5. Jman13 2360

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