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PLEASE READ THIS, thank you!
NOTE: GUYS, this is gonna be an animated series soon... so I'll link the eps here when the time comes! :D
Please turn up your volume for this project. :3
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Click the green flag and watch. (what's that you say? It looks SKETCHY? Good! That was the style I was going for. ;D )
FOR PROJECT DISCLAIMER; hit space at the end of the video.
Soooo, I really wanted to make something original... and the idea behind this was to show life on the inside of the screen in my animation's (in this case, Rocky's) perspective. With this idea was the thought that Adeline (me, Rocky's creator) could join him in his world. This can only happen in my imagination, however. And this is how I pictured SCRATCH operating behind the screen; A giant collection of stages and sets where VIEWERS come and sit down and use their remotes to watch and rate the performances of animations, OCs, art, etc. This, my friends, is the final creation of that idea... I hope you enjoy it and that you (and your OCs) are encouraged by it. HAPPY SCRATCHING!!!

P.S. Because I am Rocky's creator, in his eyes I am like his mom-figure, which is why he calls me mom. He doesn't ALWAYS call me mom, in fact he calls me Adeline a lot too... he kinda uses both names for me interchangeably. Usually his emotions will drive him to call me either by my name or simply 'mom'.

Notes and Credits

NOTE: GUYS, this is gonna be an animated series soon... so I'll link the eps here when the time comes! :D

[Featured April 25 2016]
Music: Elijah Bossenbroek - Try To Keep Up
Sound Effects: Scratch Library
For future projects (maybe) with Rocky and I, follow this studio: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/1787526/projects/
There will be a series based off of this project soon: here's the trailer: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/121436257/

The girl=Me, Adeline (Rocky's creator, which is why he calls me mom)

My OC: Rocky
Gender: Male
Age: 15-16?
Species: IDK... he has a cat tail but looks like a dog/wolf (Anthro)
Loves: playing guitar, listening to music, rockyroad icecream
Personality: A bit sensitive and insecure on his self worth (obviously), very kind, protective, and over all just a great kid. Not to brag or anything... ;P

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