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////////// [FLIGHT SIMULATOR BOEING 747 - 8] \\\\\\\\\\
The 5th generation of flight sims by awesome-llama


Turn down the sounds!
= CONTROLS =====
[SPACE] Increase thrust
[S] Decrease thrust
[< Arrow key] Increase pitch (pull up)
[> Arrow key] Decrease pitch
[G] Toggle landing gear
[Dragable slider at top-right] Wheel brakes
[A] Autopilot (automatically disengages in some cases)
[Z] Raise flaps
[X] Lower flaps
[V] Open spoilers (slowing down in air)
[C] Close spoilers
[I] Information of runways, map (very important)
[D] Toggle fuel dump
[F] Seatbelt light toggle
[M] Turn on music
[O] Extra (developer's) information

Flight codes (6 digit numbers):
After landing, you can retrieve your code with [1]. Copy it with Ctrl+C, then paste in the comments. This code has data about your flight such as approximate distances, weather and time.

To extract data into readable format, press [9]. Paste in with Ctrl+V.

Before saying "its not working", read below or the instructions again

= HOW TO PLAY =====
Upon starting, a screen shows to set options. (everything is already set up) Press SPACE to start game.

Basic info before flight-
-Flaps allow more lift at slower speeds
-While flying, an arrow shows the location of the next runway
-Spoilers are brakes on the wings that slow down the airplane
-Runway markings show distances to the end of the runway, pattern goes:
>> ≡ - - = - - - - - - = - - ≡
≡ indicates many lines
= indicates thick lines

Taking off-

1. Increase flaps.
2. Increase thrust to full power, and let the plane speed up to 280kph/170mph.
3. Pull up, and continue at 10° pitch.
4. When safely off the ground, raise landing gear.

Landing (complicated)-

1. Open up the runway location map [i], and find the next suitable runway. The variable at the bottom indicates the distance to the next runway. If it is too close to land, check the list for the next runway (after the glowing number), and prepare descent.
2. Increase flaps, put throttle to half power and use light amounts of spoilers to slow down. This requires practice to do properly.
3. When a few hundred metres above the ground, lower landing gear, make final adjustments to pitch and try to slow down to 275kph/170mph at the same time the runway starts.
4. Once the runway has appeared, level off a bit and use spoilers to allow plane to glide to the ground. The rear wheels should take the force when landing.
5. Smoothly apply brakes (click the slider at the top-right).

If you find a glitch, please tell me.

Notes and Credits

= CHANGE LOG =====

(dd/mm/yy, time EST Australia)

v1.25 29/1/18
+ No more "one person has died" glitchy message.

v1.24 19/10/17 4:45 pm
+Randomised weather and time

v1.23 17-21/7/17 5:15 pm
+Added music. Press M to play.
+Added landing gear sounds
+Re-added crash sound. WIP
+Added pause button

v1.22 10/6/17 6:00 pm
+Added better detail to buildings
+Simplified scripting

v1.21 2/6/17 2:37 pm
+Added Metric to Imperial converter. Set options in startup.

v1.20 20/5/17 4:30 pm
+Flight is now recorded. After landing, you can retrieve your flight details in a 6 digit code (such as: 221013). See controls for info.

v1.19 13/5/17, 3:00 pm
+Recreated the whole moving background because it was ugly. (I made those scripts & costumes 1 year ago!)
+Added landing sound
+Fixed the sounds

v1.18 10 - 11/5/17
+Fixed more glitches
+Falling out of the sky too quickly
+Changed the sounds a bit, still WIP, may have crackling or not properly working.
-Reverted sounds (for now)
+Added thunder sounds
+Cleaned up scripting internally

v1.17 3/5/17
+Fixed glitches with approach lighting system
+Minor fixes
+The project is scattered with glitches!

v1.16 28/6/17
+Added approach lighting system, with crashing physics

v1.15 26/4/17
+Added key detection test. When in start menu, press [p] to toggle detection.
+Limited flying too high
+Started development of approach lighting system

v1.14 19/4/17
+White arrow indicates location of next runway
+Rearranged menu, info overload!
+Added estimated flight range
+Fuel now burns faster
+Minor improvements
+Added saving settings
+Fixed glitch- Airplane works with no fuel
+Shadow under airplane
+Fire burns properly

v1.13 13/4/17
+Airplane can catch fire
+Visible smoke and fuel particles

v1.12 11/4/17
+You can refuel after landing

v1.11 10/4/17
+Remade speed calculation scripts, while condensing and improving it. Speed is now calculated more accurately.
+Improved HUD look

v1.10 7/4/17
+Flaps make you increase altitude
+Adjustments to physics
+Small (sort-of) easter-egg
-To fix a glitch, I made the thrust inaccurate. Will be fixed soon.

v1.9 4/4/17
+Lighting on airplane
+Improving brakes. Work better without large loads or rain.
+Runway edge lights added

v1.8 3/4/17
+Improved night time
+Weight is calculated in landing, open runway map for landing weight
+You can pull up at slower speeds in the air

v1.7 24/3/17
+Added fuel dump

v1.6 23/3/17
+Airplane weights are calculated in everything. Slower to brake, speed up.

v1.5 22/3/17
+Added autopilot
+Started making night time setting, still WIP

v1.4 21/3/17
+Improved crashing physics
+Fixed not slowing down in air, improved drag
+Removed plenty of stray blocks causing glitches
+Improved stalling
+Fixed glitch: warnings don't display
+Added large shrapnel

v1.3 20/3/17
+Now there are 15 unique crashing costumes
+Improved crashing physics
+Passengers are now calculated in airplane physics

v1.2 19/3/17
+Improved rain
+Improved fuel coding
+Improved sounds
+Limited altitude to 13000

v1.1 17/3/17
+Added rain (WIP)
+Harder to escape a stall
+Slowing down when flying up, speeding up when flying down

v1.0 15/3/17
+Shared basic project

Those (used to be) invalid remixes, but I keep them like that to archive older versions.

= CREDITS =====
Coding & costumes by me
Original airplane costume from www.norebbo.com/tag/747-400/
(Costume modified, it is a 747-800, from a place that said 400.)
Sound effects(modified from originals) from soundbible.com, themezz.com & soundsnap.com
Music: (Newgrounds Audio)
Arc - LemonsGD
Gasoline Rainbows - Daydream Academy
Ghost House - Schtiffles

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