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Welcome to FollowDot, a game where a big dot which you control with your mouse, has to lead his little brother to the end of each level. There is one simple rule: 'Both dots may not touch anything.' The dots may not touch any walls, nor each other.
While the rules sound very simple, the game itself is quite hard.
Test it out yourselves! (extra instructions inside project)

Note on the save codes: Please DON'T SPAM SAVE CODES IN THE COMMENTS. It will not help anyone, because the save codes are generated in a way they are only valid when you use them on the Scratch account where you created it on. This is also why you need a Scratch account to generate a save code. If you have multiple accounts, the save code that you generated on one account won't work on your other account(s). Please make sure you use the save code on the right account.


Notes and Credits

If the game is too laggy to play, turn 'lag prevention' on in the game menu. This removes all the fancy effects, but it will prevent lag spikes from ruining your play. Protip: play this game in Firefox for better performance if necessary.

If the game acts or displays glitchy, there is a possibility it can be fixed by pressing CTRL + M (or CMD + M for mac). If this is not the case please let me know and describe what happened, so I can try to fix it.


Thanks to @Chooper100 for giving me great and very useful advice.
Also, the save code scrambling is taken from one of his projects:

Thanks to everyone who played the FollowDot demo. (yeah, you remember that demo from like 8 months ago? xD). All of your support really encouraged me to keep on working on this big project. This project is being shared all thanks to you!

Music by me:

If you notice a bug, for example when the save code doesn't work, please report it!

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