⛵Journey to Hope♥-A Platformer

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Notes and Credits

FEATURED 4-2-16, my first feature! I will read all comments, I can't reply xD but I will try. Thx for suggesting to be featured @Moonstrike and others. ALL LEVELS ARE POSSIBLE.
══════════ • Theme/Moral of Game • ══════════
This game represents how we should ALWAYS keep on going to try to reach our dreams or give people hope. Even during the tough times, even though it's hard for us to, we should persevere. I made different patterns for the background representing the complexity of our feelings sometimes. Sometimes our feelings match the difficulties we are going through. You're not alone if you feel like your feelings are so complicated that you can't survive. Also, the difficulty of the levels represent the obstacles in real life. If one time seems super hard for you, just keep trying. One day you will pass the level, or rather the challenge in life. It's going to be okay.
══════════ • Instructions + Info • ══════════
Welcome to journey to hope. This platformer is all about a tiny square who is the last colorful thing in his world.
Press space to navigate through all the story parts. Arrow keys to move.
=Green-No effect, graphics=
=Blue-Water levels=
=Purple-No effect, but for pretty flowers and more! :)=

Do NOT move when each "color is brought back" message is broadcasted.
Each few levels you complete brings back a color.
This might be challenging, but you can do it! :)
R to restart a level
══════════ • Credits • ══════════
Very original, inspired by many platformers.

Inspired by @Chirple, thumbnail by @Chirple
@griffpatch for platformer tutorial
@Reflow for script
@djpro for platformer tutorial
@MoonStrike <---------Follow pls she's my bestie
Vexento for music, I forgot that :P
=If you find any copied versions of this with no credit, report it. Provide a link to this project in your report. Thank you for keeping Scratch awesome! :D=
══════════ • News and Updates • ══════════
FEATURED 4-2-16!!!!!!
4-3-16- 1000 favorites
4-3-16-10,000+ views! :D
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EARTH DAY! 100,000 views! :D:D I stop here.

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