Evil Kumquats

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C ~ Toggle Keyboard/Mouse Control
Arrow Keys/Mouse Click ~ Moving
Space ~ Swing Weapon
Down Arrow Key ~ Change Weapon
Click Door ~ Open Door
P ~ Pause

Notes and Credits

Music: Actraiser: Fillmore by Stillicide on newgrounds.com
Everything Else: @Fuzzbutt

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About the Weapons:
● Cleaver ~ Just your basic vegetable cleaver. Because of it's size, it has a short range, though it's still useful against most Evil Kumquats.
● Gold Sword ~ A step up from the Cleaver, the Gold Sword has a longer range useful for taking out smaller kumquats with relative ease.
● Battle Ax ~ Though it has a shorter range than the Gold Sword, it's double blades give it lethal power against all kumquats.
● Jet Iron Sword ~ Forged in a volcano from folded iron, this sword is the weapon of choice for the general population of kumquat fighters.
● Pirate Sword ~ A relic from a great ocean sailing kumquat fighter, this sword has slain many a kumquat with it's slightly curving edge.
● Sword of Death ~ Made from the bones of large beasts of ancient times, this sword literally pulls the life out of whatever it touches. It is recommended that you don't take your gloves off while handling this dangerous weapon.
● Laser Blade ~ A weapon reserved for the kumquat fighting elite, the Laser Blade channels high energy electrons into a stream that cuts through anything it touches. It is useful against any kumquat you may encounter, and is recommended is you battle the Lord of the Kumquats.

About Evil Kumquats:
"A Kumquat is a group of small fruit-bearing trees in the flowering plant family Rutaceae, either forming the genus Fortunella, or placed within Citrus sensu lato. An evil kumquat is not a kumquat. It is a species that has evolved to master the art of camouflage and blend into the unexpected society of innocent kumquats. “Kumquats” and “Evil Kumquats” are in no way related except visually. Evil Kumquats look like Kumquats, but when eating they grow mouths with fangs and feast on signatures. The main and only food group for a kumquat is the signature. Each kumquat eats about 2-3 siggys every month to survive." ~ @bowytowy

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