Adventures in the Temples

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JOHN 2:13-22
47 seconds
Just some things I'd like to point out:
1. The pharasies and teachers of the law did not drive out the people. Jesus took initiative.
2. I cannot, cannot, cannot, draw an ox. Did you see my bird?
3.Strange how all four gospels point it out. Did the authors consider it important?
4. Jesus had faith that He would be raised to life.
5. Jesus is expressing how God the Father
is filled equally with anger against sin. John 5:30.

Sorry about the money and desk. Bad animation. And I didn't even notice the whip part until I was halfway through this project.

Luke 21:1-19
I was able to do this rather easily because after verse 7, all I have to use is the say script. This was really fun to make.
The widow sure is hyperactive!
Does not correlate with Mark! In Mark, Jesus moves to outside the temple, and then to the mount of olives. Unfourtunantly, in this project, He just stays at the temple.

Acts 3:
John got bored, or I stink at animation. Sorry. I put alot of people from other episodes to be the big crowd.

John 8:1-11
40 seconds
Funny how the pharasies do not like Jesus driving out all the merchants in the temple, but bring in spiritually bad people.
This would have been fun to do the entire chapter, but it would only be dialog.

2 Chronicles 2:
This will talk about the events leading up to the temple, and also two letters. It goes on for several chapters. However, I got as far as chapter 2.
The bird, which is also in Jesus Cleanses the Temple, is supposed to be a different bird.

Acts 21:27-36:
This story goes on for a few chapters, without any good stopping point.
This has a bunch of confused people that get into a riot. People are not that smart, I guess.

Luke 2:41-52:
I wonder if these pharasies were the same pharasies as the stubborn-hearted ones.
This one was very hard because I needed a narator, and I did not have one.

Other temple stories:
Luke 20
John 7:14-53
Revelation 11:1-3
1 Samuel 1

Silly disclaimers:
Not the real Jesus. Image that he is Henry Ian Cusack.
This is not politically correct. In Jesus drives out the merchants in the temple, the jew and the roman, they did not nessesarily have the same money curency.

Real disclaimer:
Probably shouldn't show a preschool sunday school class Episode John 8:1-11.

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