See inside

Click and drag to move pipes
Press R to restart
Press M to mute
Press P to enter a password to go to a different level (and see the current level's password)

Stop saying level 20 is impossible. I'll give you a hint though, and that is that you don't need to connect all the orange pipes. You just need to make 1 continuous path from the faucet to the drain without any leaks.

This is by far the most thought I've had to put into making a project because of all the different gameplay mechanics and allowing them to all interact with each other, and it's about time something has taken that title away from The Monster and Me.

Notes and Credits

This game is a clone of one of the best mobile apps I've ever played. Unfortunately for Android users, it's only for iOS. If you have iOS, check out the actual game for many more levels here:

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Coding and graphics by JeremiahMacDonald
Drum loop created by JeremiahMacDonald
Button click sounds from

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