Senbonzakura Palette MAP Part 21

remixed by kitkatkittycat
See inside

Click the flag a few times c:

**EDIT** WOW this has gotten popular - I really didn't expect this but I'm pleasantly surprised, thank you all so much ^3^

MAP part for @-magpie- - if there's anything you need me to fix or change feel free to ask and I'll do that ASAP! c: (I used a little bit of white so if you want me to change it to a light green I can definitely do that ^-^)

Notes and Credits (added by kitkatkittycat)

I finally animated my sort of new character Yubi the Chinese Crested dog! :D
(I don't see a lot of hairless dogs/cats going around so I thought it would be pretty cool to have a little semi-hairless dog OC c:)

The part is all on one sprite, the other two are references for myself ^-^

(the perfect example of chaotic good hehehe)

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