trivia's incomplete Scrolling Game, Mark's mod

remixed by kramwod
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Notes and Credits (added by kramwod)

3/5/10 Mark's mod of Trivia's game

3/5/10 Experimenting with sun

As you can tell, it's not finished yet.

-Fixed the jumping. (Before if you were jumping and going downhill it wouldn't work well.)
-Made it easier to add more platforms. (And added some.)
-Made the old platforms look natural instead of cut off.
-Added brown collision detection.
-Red dead button now appears if you fall off a cliff.

-Made it so that if you die you can't move or fall until you press the red dead button.
-Added a goal: reach the yellow face.
-And another platform to reach it.
-Added the green not dead button.
-Improved the sound for the two buttons.

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