Yoshi's New Story (Sidescrolling Platformer)

See inside

Click that green flag twice for the best experience!
Also, Ctrl+M to reduce lag. Darn Stage3D, always lagging things up...
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Don't run this on fullscreen. It lags and glitches.

DISCLAIMER: This game WILL NOT run smoothly for everyone. This could be due to your browser or your computer. It runs quite well with Microsoft Edge on a 6GB RAM computer. UPDATE: Microsoft Edge doesn't run this correctly anymore. Try using Firefox if you're having lag problems. DO NOT USE CHROME.

Please report bugs on the bug tracker rather than commenting; it makes your issue easier for me to find.

Want to know how to play the game (controls and basic gameplay mechanics)? Click "Play Tutorial" in the main menu to open the tutorial level!

Also, I know the game is a bit glitchy. The glitches shouldn't be much of a big deal, as I've searched far and wide to eliminate them.

Most things that look dangerous are, but sometimes they're not!

Also, you have to figure out the bosses yourself. *insert troll face here*

Or, if you're feeling lazy, you can look it up in here:

BOSS ANTI-FIGURE-OUTING THINGIE (you don't have to read this):

Mr. Fuzz: Lick his electricity and throw eggs at him.
Burt the Bashful: Lick his pants and throw eggs at him.
Knot-Wing the Koopa: Lick him and throw eggs at him.
Flame King: Lick his attacks and throw eggs at his attacks.
Kamek (both fights): Lick his magic and throw eggs at him.
Sir Shiver: Lick his shock waves and throw eggs at him.
Raphael the Raven: Lick his eggs and throw eggs at him.
Naval Piranha: Lick his spit and throw eggs at his belly button when it comes out.
Baby Bowser: Lick him and throw eggs at him.
Mega Baby Bowser: Lick the rocks he summons and do the following: 1. Throw eggs at the cannon. 2. Make him spit fire at the cannon.

Notice a pattern?

Notes and Credits

Thanks for 500 love-its! Never thought I'd get this far...

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I will not be fixing any more bugs in this game. It is still incredibly glitchy, but I am working on completely remaking the game with new features, less lag, and a better overall experience.

-=Yoshi's New Story: a game about Yoshi=-
Please note that this was shared 9/25, not 3/1. 3/1 was when I accidentally shared it for a second. My aim sucks.


Official Bug Tracker: https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/228367/

If someone makes a YouTube series on this, they'll earn a free subscriber and follower! Link it in the comments and I'll check it out!

Don't forget, this game has a multiplayer feature! Sacrifice your friend to the bosses, because that's how multiplayer platformers work...

Welp, it's finally done. I must have spent way too long on this.

Apparently someone wrote some Yoshi story called Yoshi's New Story. XD

Might be a bit easy.

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40 levels
Other stuff when you win

Please do not post codes (cheats, saves, or Winner's Menu) in the comments. It ruins the game for others!

1 yr of work
200+ hrs spent on this
Too many days of procrastination to count

Credits: Displayed at end of game. If you're too hyped about who made stuff, type "Credits" into "Load Game."

v1.0.6 (2/24/2017)
-Fixed a glitch involving, yet again, negative health. Turns out I only used the fix from v1.0.1 on Player 2. D'oh.
v1.0.5 (12/2/2016)
-Fixed an annoying visual glitch
-Fixed Yoshi moving incorrectly on autoscrolling levels
v1.0.4 (12/2/2016)
-Fixed another fatal glitch involving the World Map's music (Thanks to @Hippo4725 for finding)
v1.0.3 (12/1/2016)
-Fixed a glitch that made the game impossible to clear (thanks to @shaabooom for finding that)
v1.0.2 (11/27/2016)
-Removed controls during "Level Clear" screen, because most people thought it was a glitch instead of an easter egg
v1.0.1 (9/27/2016)
- Fixed a bug where Player 2 would get negative health, breaking save codes and making them invincible
v1.0.0 (9/25/2016)
- Initial Release

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