3D Platformer Creator Optimized

remixed by Icely
See inside

• use number keys 1, 2, 3 and 4 to toggle between land, lava, goals and trampolines respectively - you can only have one goal
• draw lines on screen, for platforms, or move the ends
• click on buttons - left lets you toggle between play mode and editor mode, centre lets you view the code, right lets you view a game
• use arrow keys to scroll
• use 'a' for previous level and 'd' for next level
• press 'z' to get rid of the last platform you added
• press 'n' to delete your entire level - NOT RETRIEVABLE!

• use arrow keys to move around
• move mouse down to bottom of screen to use settings, see level-making instructions for more details

Notes and Credits (added by Icely)

Same everything, but I optimized it a lot. To find the optimixed part, look for the comment, under the 'platform ()()()()()' block.

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