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by cops911
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2 to the 5th power is 32
^ base ^ power ^ answer

Why? Because you multiply 2 by itself 5 times (2x2x2x2x2) and it equals 32.

If it's cubed, it's to the 3rd. If a number is squared, it's to the 2nd power. Anything to the 1st power remains the same, and the answer is the base. If it's to the power of 0, the answer is 1.

If the power is negative, then you divide by the absolute value*

*Absolute value of an integer is simply the number without the negative sign.
|2| = 2
|5| = 5
|-3| = 3

Notes and Credits

Still working on fractions, but I'm getting there!

If the bar in the text box isn't blinking, click inside of it and press Tab.

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