Super Fighter Tournament v.1.1.5 BETA

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Welcome to Apfellord's Super Fighter Tournament!

So here it is, this is my try on making a Super Smash Bros-type
game. Challenge a local friend in this 1vs1 brawling game!

Click the "i" in the Top-Right corner for the default controls!
You can set your own controls in the Options Menu!

Notes and Credits

Made by @Apfellord, with a character concept by @BlankBear

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Please read the FAQ below before posting suggestions :)

GAME RUNS SLOWLY?_________________________________
1. Turn off "Dynamic Map" and "Particles" in the Options Menu
2. Play in non-fullscreen
- Third option doesn't work anymore after some changes to the flash player -
(3. Press Ctrl + M. This will mess up some things gameplay-wise,
but it's the last option to make the game run faster.)

Found any bugs? Please tell me so I can (hopefully) fix them!
Have any tips for balancing characters? Comment!

Will I add more characters for the full game?
- At some point, I will probably work on another character but not
in the near future. Reason is simply because they take a lot of
time to script. Animations aren't even the biggest concern there.

Will I add more stages?
- Definitely. Stages take a lot less time than characters do, so you
can expect some new stages for the full game. I might even host
a contest about this.

Will I add a CPU that you can play against?
- I'm going to be honest here, even though I think a CPU is very
important for a game like this, I'm afraid I lack the skills to develop
AI for such a game. Should I ever get around to
working on a CPU, it would take a long time until I can present you
people something that isn't absolutely terrible and broken.

Will I add Online Cloud-Multiplayer?
- Probably not. I have recently tried making an online version of
one of my other games called "Tiny Planes". It basically worked,
but even if I was playing against another computer at my home, the
Ping was terrible, resulting in a lot of lag. This lead to situations
where your shots hit the enemy on your screen, but because of lag
the shot was fired later on the other person's screen and didn't
hit there. This is really frustrating, because you don't really
have the chance to properly react to what your enemy does.
I also had to re-script the whole game from the bottom up, because
a lot of the game wasn't optimized for online play. Honestly, I don't
want to imagine scripting Super Fighter Tournament again.

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