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IMPORTANT: POST YOUR LEVELS IN THIS FORUM: https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/172219/
Special thanks to a moderator for removing this. :'''''''''''''''''''''(
If you flood the comments with levels, you will have the 500 character limit, so you'll only be able to have small measly levels that aren't worth playing.

• use number keys 1, 2, 3 and 4 to toggle between land, lava, goals and trampolines respectively - you can only have one goal
• draw lines on screen, for platforms, or move the ends
• click on buttons - left lets you toggle between play mode and editor mode, centre lets you view the code, right lets you view a game
• use arrow keys to scroll
• use 'a' for previous level and 'd' for next level
• press 'z' to get rid of the last platform you added
• press 'n' to delete your entire level - NOT RETRIEVABLE!

• use arrow keys to move around
• move mouse down to bottom of screen to use settings, see level-making instructions for more details

Notes and Credits

NOTE: THIS IS NOT ACCURATE 3D. This was before I made a proper 3D engine.

New video demo here! :-D https://youtu.be/OlV4T3Aumo8

see @geocashing's: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/63906346/ and https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/66784956/
music: http://www.cjclub.ru/tracks/81744

• 8/12: Shared!
• 9/12: I amended the physics, so that now, you don't go through platforms. Now, it waits until you let go of a key in the editor before it performs the code and also actually uploads the codes properly! :-D
• 10/12: Added music. http://www.cjclub.ru/tracks/81744 Also, I made the editor much more user-friendly; now you can drag the ends of the lines. Also, you can see lines before you let go of the mouse. I need to improve this feature; at the moment it is a bit glitchy.
• 12/12: New platform added! Press the '4' key to use it. It's bouncy. I deleted the feature I added, see 10/12, I will add it again. Oh well, I made a bit of progress on that day... Also, I made a giant level! See the forums.
• 13/12: Added back feature for moving platform ends. I also added a block which stops it from rendering platforms off the screen; for big levels, it should be a lot faster... I thought. But it didn't work for some reason, so I deleted it again. I will add that block back in though, but it will work, because it is very slow at the moment. Also, I added shading, to make it more realistic. It's not that realistic, I know why, but it's a step in that direction. A few hours later, (I'm adding this bit on now) I did it! @Icely thought of it too, but we used different methods. A few more hours later, I removed the shading, too, it makes it slow. However, it runs really fast.
• 17/12: Turned fisheye effect down slightly.
• 18/12: Better physics.
• 26/12: Deleted default sounds to make the project load faster.
• 19/5: WHOOOHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Fixed the falling through platforms glitch! :-DDDDDDDDDDD Deleted code to remove platforms off the screen - too laggy. I'll make better code soon.
• 26/7: Just added a script to make sure only platforms on the screen were rendered.

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