Text Engine (Pen)

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A text engine I made for some practice after noticing there wasn't many 'pixel' looking font engines around. It uses pen for the fastest possible rendering speeds, in addition to being heavily optimised.

There are multiple versions inside (hence the 5 sprites, its actually a 1 sprite engine) ,choose which one is right for you!

Full - All features listed in the project.
Lite - Removes kerning and italic support.
Super Lite - Removes as much as possible, while still supporting RGB. (there is a 1 script version of this as-well)

When you know which version you want, just drag the SPRITE into your backpack! (don't just drag the scripts!)

Notes and Credits

Check out @griffpatch_tutor 's remix for an even faster engine! found here > https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/109368261/

Goes without saying, but you can all use this! Credit is appreciated :)
Font based on "C&C Red Alert" which can be found at dafont

4/08/2016 (v1.2) - Fixed blurry text on scale '1', thanks to @Griffpatch 's method in his remix.

9/12/2015 (v1.1) - Added comma character :)

I suggest using size 2, that is what this engine was designed around.
Also if any characters are missing that you feel should be here, let me know and ill try and add them :D

When using this, keep in mind that sprites will always be drawn above this text, one of the sad downsides of pen :(

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