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The aim is to design and present your very own cafe! The main thing that will judge the majority of the cafe will be the pictures. Please Includes are in the project right here right now. You can make it look how you want, just a good drawing! This contest is judged by points, each of the things listed in your project get points, depending on how good they are. You get points for good drawings, good ideas, animation, and detail. The one with the most points wins.
Heres SOME ideas...
A nice big sign with pretty lights on it.
A poker table.
The name written on the window with a picture of a cup of coffee or something.
Outdoor chairs and tables with parasoles.
A grand rich modern style.
Darts Board.
An animated television.
Staff that tell you about the Cafe.
Posh plants and first class seating.
Fancy little menus.
Lots of moving things - ANIMATION!
Perhaps a little arcade game in the corner? Someone playing on their DS?

Anything you might expect in a cafe, it could be medieval style or modern or present. Don't go over the top with robots and hover cars etc.
Make your own pictures.
Have fun!
Try your best
No aliens or hover cars and all that.
Nothing thats not a cafe.

Have fun! And please enter.
Prizes will be sprite requests, determined by the finishing place. Comments, love its and views on your projects.
I will give ONE more week when I have 15 entries, 15 only. Don't rush. You get more points for neatness and well taken time. Bye! :D

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