3D Solar System v1.6.1

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Welcome to 3D Solar System, the best orrery on Scratch!
Explore the planets, moons, and orbits of our solar system in 3D.
Move around using WASD (right/left and forward/backward) and R and F to go up/down. Mouse or arrow keys to pan the camera.
Open the menu to adjust the settings and/or edit planets' orbits.
H to go home, L to enable/disable locked mode, and G to go to the selected planet. O to enable/disable orbits. V to turn fancy sun on or off. I to turn inertia on and off.
Relative distances and paths are all to scale (except for moons) and 100% mathematically accurate.

Happy exploring!

Notes and Credits

WOW! 2-6-16 Featured!
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2/10/15: 20000 views! Yay!
Please view on full screen for the best experience.
Lag/glitches troubleshooting guide:
-It is normal for the FPS to drop to about 10 to 15 while you are moving through the solar system, nothing can be done about that.
-If you have persistent orbits on, turn down the draw precision.
-If orbit rendering is not working, try double-clicking on the screen.
-If that doesn't help, switch to trail orbits or turn them off altogether.
-Try using a different browser, especially if you're on Chrome.
-If even that doesn't fix your problem, restart the project, double-clicking the green flag.
Go to Phosphorous for a lag-free (but buggy) experience!

If you have persistent orbits on and they are acting weird, double click somewhere on the screen to fix it. If that doesn't work, reload the project.
The orbits of Pluto and Eris are not guaranteed to be completely accurate. For no orbits is perturbation taken into account - they are all Keplerian. Please no debating in the comments about whether Pluto is a planet.

Version 1.6.1 8 Feb 2016:
-Fixed glitch with moving around very far from the sun.
-New thumbnail!
-Added inertial mode.
-Decreased default draw precision from 90 to 60.
-Added Planet 9.

Version 1.6 1 Feb 2016:
-Fixed bug with camera rotation not working.
-Allowed for simultaneous camera rotation with both arrow keys and mouse.
-Changed the start position.
-Real stars! (all stars brighter than magnitude 3 shown.)
-Stars have color corresponding to their real-life temperature as well.

Version 1.5 29 Jan 2016:
Made the inner solar system planets a little bit smaller.
Added lens flare to the sun.
Press O to enable/disable orbits.
Orbit rendering cuts of exactly at edges (not a bit before) to make it look prettier.
Fixed a whole lot of bugs.
Added a screen shown when project is off.
Added fly-to button next to locked mode, to go to the selected body.

Version 1.4 11 Jan 2016:
Added locked mode (can be adjusted using the lock in the right-hand menu)
Added dwarf planet Ceres

Version 1.3 7 Jan 2016:
Triton now correctly orbits Neptune backwards.

Version 1.2 6 Jan 2016:
Removed several unused functions.
Converted all text vector costumes to bitmap to allow them to always render correctly.
Added H-to-go-home button

Version 1.1 6 Jan 2016:
Fixed incorrect LAN calculation
Increased orbit accuracy. The locations of the major planets are now fairly accurate for the next 100 years.
Asteroids now orbit in inclined, not parallel, planes.

Version 1 released 5 Jan 2016 w/ all original features.

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